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bulletBusiness Plan Course Resources
bulletUnited States Small Business Administration
bulletFinancial Records Retention
bulletDisaster Planning
bulletUsing MS Excel Tips


  1. Document, Document, Document-this is you most effective weapon should the IRS pick a fight with you.
  2. Make maximum use of all tax deferral opportunities-401 (K), 403(b), IRA, SEP- IRA, Etc.
  3. Seek out all tax credits - tax credits reduce your tax dollar for dollar.
  4. Consider the tax consequences before signing a divorce decree or legal separation agreement.
  5. Pay off all high interest credit cards, keep personal revolving debt to a minimum - the interest is not tax deductible
  6. Have a business plan for your business.
  7. Don't throw out - Give to charity.
  8. The purchase of a home or an investment property will result in many tax saving opportunities.
  9. Have a Personal Financial Plan prepared.
  10. Call us before you call the IRS. Our Phone is 727-821-3133

Office Technology Tips:

bulletYou need a Firewall especially if you use Cable/DSL to connect to the internet.
bulletIs your Local Area Network supported by a HUB or Switch ? Throw away the Hub. Improve everything with a switch.
bulletContinue to evaluate your long distance costs. You can get better rates if you check
bulletTelephone Headsets are one of the most under-utilized business tools.
bulletDoes your business have too many telephone lines or not enough ? Use Call Detailed Recording to find out.


bulletFree program that searches multiple search engines: www.copernic.com

Free space-saving program, a task and calendar management program and a spam email filtering program: www.contactplus.com
bulletFor more information on choosing the right domain name and how to register your choice, head to www.thefreecountry.com/articles/domainname.shtml
bulletFor Fun - Free Solitaire, Puzzle and Memory games: www.treecardgames.com
bulletHow's your geometry?  http://www.ebaumsworld.com/trigrid.html
bullet Web Site Marketing http://www.earthlink.net/business/downloads/marketing_guide.pdf
www.goto.com Search the Web.



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