Microsoft Excel Links

An encyclopedic Excel site
John Walkenbach's Spreadsheet Page is an invaluable resource for anyone that uses spreadsheets. 

More Tips
Ture Magnusson (a Microsoft MVP) has tips, links, and downloads at his Excel site.

Chart Related Downloads
Ed Ferrero has some interesting chart related downloads at his Excel page.

Excel Developer's List
If you're not already onboard, sign up for the Excel Developer's List (Excel-L).

Excel General List
The Excel General List (Excel-G) is a nice companion to the above Developers list.

Excel Utilities
Joseph Moosman's page includes some Excel utilities, such as a sheet sorter.

International Excel Site
Pierre Leclerc's Microsoft Excel VBA Helpsite site offers Excel VBA tips, workbooks, and viewlets, in English and in French

Spreadsheet World
Richard Warr's Spreadsheet World has helpful information on Excel and Lotus 1-2-3, including a 1-2-3 File Recovery Utility.

Cross-Platform Issues
Edwin Tam's Home Page includes a few tips on cross-platform issues, as well as a discussion on exporting Excel charts to desktop publishing software, such as QuarkXPress.

Fred Cumming's EXCEL Page has some interesting downloads.

Excel Add-Ins
Macro Systems provides Excel add-ins that save you time whenever you use Microsoft Excel. Their product, the Spreadsheeet Assistant, is the number one downloaded add-in for Excel and is rated #1 by Zdnet, PC World and PC Mag. You can also get downloadable books on Excel Visual Basic from Macro Systems and other time savings add-ins.

More Tips
Want more Excel tips? Check out these

bulletGeneral Excel Tips
bulletFormula Tips
bulletVBA Tips
bulletExcel Links
bulletShortcut Keys


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