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We deliver a broad range of services, now primarily concentrating in Business Technology  planning and implementation, including small business consulting, accounting services,  technology and information management consulting. We have extensive experience with a wide variety of organizations

Our firm prides itself in offering the following services:

Business Technology Consulting Services

What it is:

bulletProviding support, planning and solutions designed to help businesses maximize their technology investment and empower them to leverage technology in ways to enhance their success.

What we offer:

bulletReview if IT system vulnerabilities and guidance for overcoming them

o        IT System Security Reviews

Ø      Audit of IT environment security and controls. Encompassing much more than hardware and software, with a customized risk assessment of the organization to see how the information systems can be better protected from relevant risks and exposure items.

o        Disaster Recovery Planning

Ø       Evaluations of an organization’s ability to deal with the loss of its business information from disasters (such as system crashes, virus attacks, hackers, theft, weather damage, or malicious destruction) and to develop business continuity and disaster recovery plans

bulletCreating opportunities for enhancing business results through more effective and efficient uses of technology

o        IT System Effectiveness and Improvements

Ø       Review of system hardware and software, as well as the processes and procedures used by an organization to determine how the organization can enhance the return on its technology investment

Ø       Development of an IT strategic plan to enhance an organization’s competitive advantage

Ø       Implementation of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server.

Ø       Planning for a “paperless” office

o        Decision Information Management

Ø       Enhancement of the process of how data is captured, indexed, stored, retrieved and managed to permit better business decisions

Ø       Review of financial report presentation and distribution in order to enhance business decision making

o        IT System Support

Ø       IT needs analysis and software selection

Ø       System implementations

Ø       Development of custom database applications

o        Business Process Improvement

Ø       Evaluation of the relative profitability of the various business processes with an organization

Ø       Benchmarking

Ø       Activity-based costing analysis


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