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Blueprint for the Future?

Use Your Budget as a Planning Tool

A nonprofit often uses its budget as a blueprint for deciding which projects or activities it can afford to pursue during the coming year. But if an organization doesnít properly plan its budget, it wonít be financially prepared for the future. This article looks at how nonprofits can use budgets to guide themselves toward a better tomorrow.

A Treasure Trove of Responsibility

Treasurers Play a Critical Role in a Nonprofitís Financial Survival

Historically, a nonprofitís treasurerís main function has been to ensure the organizationís financial integrity. But, ultimately, he or she is responsible for a nonprofitís compliance with government standards as well as the organizationís short- and long-term financial goals. In this article we explore the ever-expanding roles treasurers play and how they can help a nonprofit manage its funds and grow financially.


Get the Most From Your Cyber-Investment

Design Your Web Site To Improve Your Bottom Line and Generate Revenue

Many nonprofits fail to fully harness their Web sitesí potential power. The Internetís speed and automated administrative functions as well as its ability to disseminate information make it a unique marketing tool. This article looks at how to maximize a siteís value and increase revenue.

News for Nonprofits

This section reports on post-Sept. 11 cause-related marketing, which has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in charity revenue. Also, it reports on recent IRS changes to excess benefit rules and a Federal Trade Commission proposal that may affect the way nonprofits conduct fundraising.



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